November Meeting

The AARC regular monthly meeting was held Wednesday, Nov 1 in Gonzales La. The attendance was light but several items of business were covered including repairs to repeaters, assisting with the upcoming Christmas parade and a club member stepping up to assist with getting the club website repaired and more. When the time for election of officers came up Al and Darlene stated that after years of holding officer positions they wanted to step down and would not run for office this time around. After much discussion it was decided to defer elections until the January 2018 meeting in an effort to get nominations and input from the club.
We need active members to help our club stay alive. The video linked here shows how much we need help to continue as a group. From getting our repeaters back on the air and our webpage back online to putting together a VE team to the community events which have come to depend upon our participation, we need you. If you think you can help, if you think you can fill a position, if you have an idea, let us know.
Steve Raacke, KC5SAS
AARC/K5ARC Secretary